Kishu Baby Bibs

kishu's baby organic bandana bib is adorably fashionable, luxuriously soft, beautifully shaped, and tastefully sized. If you’re looking for an oversized bandana bib that covers your child’s chest-to-stomach and looks like a feeding bib when worn, you’ve landed on the wrong planet! kishu intentionally size their bandana bibs smaller so that it looks more like a high fashion scarf bib when worn. kishu's organic bandana bibs are beautifully proportionate to your child’s body size and make any cute baby outfit… well, cuter!

Each organic bib has 2 lead-free plastic KAM snaps for an adjustable neck size that fits beautifully on both babies and toddlers. No scratchy velcro to irritate your baby’s sensitive skin and stick to everything in your washer and dryer.

As for function, kishu's organic bandana bib works best as a dribble bib for teething babies. Also use as a breastfeeding bib, wipe cloth and hand towel. All of the kishu baby organic bibs are made in California from premium 100% organic cotton muslin imported from Japan. We love muslin because it’s lightweight, breathable, durable, absorbent, fast-drying, and super soft.

Lastly, all of the kishu baby bandana bibs are reversible so you always get 2 unique styles in 1 dribble bib! When your teething baby finishes soaking Side A, simply unsnap and flip it to Side B! It’s that simple. Stop trying so hard to coordinate your baby’s perfect outfit and let kishu's baby bibs do the work for you!